Visit to Sweden, January 1953

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Visit to Sweden, January 1953

Viesti Kirjoittaja Kimpula » 18.04.2022 10:19

In January 1953 some Finnish Social democratic members of parlament
visited Stockholm. I'm sure the visit made no big news in Sweden (it
was not big news in Finland, either :-), but there might be some small
piece of news in some newspaper.

According to Finnish media they were visitors in the opening of
riksdagen 1953 either in rigsdagshuset 10.1.1953 or Stockholms slott


Unfortunately digitized Swedish newspapers
from 1953 are available only in Sweden ... le-for-all

So is someone willing to search the data for me? *Smiles nicely*

Or is there some other way to find more Swedish data on the visit
through the net?

You can answer in Swedish.