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Viesti Kirjoittaja Korahs » 16.03.2011 05:19

Hi all,

I am very new in tracing my husbands family tree. I have run across many words I am not family with and hope someone can direct me to a translation site or dictionary. The words are: Itapalo, wuoti, to start with. Any help will be great.

I am researching the Puoskari's, from Revonlathi Finland.

Thanks :D

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Re: Dictionary/translation

Viesti Kirjoittaja Risto » 21.03.2011 13:59


In this brief glossary of terms.
You must have a Scandinavian keyboard use, because ITAPALO, where the second letter is A = AE. Scand. Ä.

http://www2.edu.fi/ymmarrasuomea/index. ... =sanakirja

All words not found an answer. The bookstore to buy the Finnish Language Dictionary.
And then, the Finland-English English-Finnish dictionary.

Google translator is a great help too.

I hope you manage to translate.

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