Trying to find a Matti Matinpoika Kahtava

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Trying to find a Matti Matinpoika Kahtava

Viesti Kirjoittaja Classified1A » 16.07.2021 05:57

I have been researching my Finnish ancestry recently, but I only have so little information. I'm trying to find records of a Matti Matinpoika Kahtava, who I believe is the father of my 2nd great grandfather. Errki (Erik?) Matinpoika Kahtava born march 21 1873 in Kalajoki. the one thing I found for this Matti person is that he may have been born sometime September 23 1830? and maybe how to find his parents as well... im pretty new to this research so I figured I would ask and see if anyone could offer any tips/info etc. Thank you in advance for any help! =)

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Re: Trying to find a Matti Matinpoika Kahtava

Viesti Kirjoittaja JaskaS » 16.07.2021 10:24

FFHA member pages show that Erik (Erkki) was born 28 Mar 1873: ... 03&pnum=97
Family at that time in communion book 1865-1874: ... 8&pnum=228
Matts Mattsson Kähtävä, b. 25 Sep 1830
Kaisa Johansdotter Siipo, b. 4 Feb 1831 --- marriage date 15 Jul 1855
- dr Gustafva, 24 Sep 57
- son Matts, 23 Feb 62
- son Johan, 29 Jan 66
- dr Kaisa Lisa, 28 Nov 69
- son Erik, 28 Mar 73
Given names recorded in Swedish in those days, later in Finnish like Erkki Matinpoika, Matti Matinpoika, Kaisa Juhontytär.

:) Jaska

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Re: Trying to find a Matti Matinpoika Kahtava

Viesti Kirjoittaja tuulacu » 16.07.2021 10:54

First, notice that there are dots in the a's in the name of Kähtävä; it is a different letter from a and makes a difference!

You probably have already found the parents and the birth date of father Matts Matts' son from the FFHA images if you are a member (it is worth the cost!).

The family can be found on page 521 in Metsä by (Metsäkylä, metsä=forest, kylä=village) ... 0&pnum=211 and yes, the birth date of Matts/Matti is Sept 25, 1830. The couple was married around 1857 but I cannot find the date... The birth of Matts cannot be found either in FFHA images.

It is wise to follow them backwards. Here is the record in the previous book ... 8&pnum=228 between 1865-74 In this record it says anyhow that they were married on July 15, 1855 and that at that time the bridegroom was a farmhand and the bride was Siipoi, marriage took place in Ängilä. ... 12&pnum=46

But the FFHA records are not all that is found. There is another source full of earlier church books (also other than church books), easy to find in Digihakemisto and there kalajoen seurakunta (seurakunta=parish) and choose Rippikirjat, the main books. There you find the family in Register över gernings- och backstugumän, Torpare och gifta ... (workers which did not own a farm, crofters, married people - these were not hired on the farms on a yearly basis), for Kähtävä couple this gives two page numbers, 517 and 564 Kalajoen seurakunnan arkisto - Rippikirja 1855-1864 (IAI:12b), jakso 315: K; Kansallisarkisto: - and on page 564 you find them, Matts Matts' son has come from Alavieska Kalajoen seurakunnan arkisto - Rippikirja 1855-1864 (IAI:12b), jakso 286, sivu 564: K ; Kansallisarkisto: also something of Uleåborg (Oulu) in 1859, also the page 239 is mentioned. If it seems difficult to find or read some books in either of these sources, go and check if the images are better in the other one!

In the previous book Matts is not yet married, so he is found among Tjänstefolk, hired people Kalajoen seurakunnan arkisto - Rippikirja 1848-1854 (IAI:11b, Pitkäsenkylä, Tyngänkylä, Alakääntä ja Mesäkylä), jakso 227, sivu 497: K; Kansallisarkisto: and he has come in 1848 from Alavieska with moving attest 70. Kaisa Johan's d you will find on page 508 accordingly.

Matts' attest of moving in and in Alavieska you will find him before moving in the group of Backstuguhjon (back cottage people) with at least his mother Lisa Aron's d, a widow, before her Lisa's brother and presumably their mother, widow Lisa Didrigs's d Alavieskan seurakunnan arkisto - Rippikirja 1848-1855 (IAa:9), jakso 136, sivu 131: Backstuguhjon - ; Kansallisarkisto: and you can go back along the books again.

To help you a little with finding the family in the earlier books, use HisKi search - which is very good when lost in the books but check the originals always - there are many people with the same name and the "surnames" which really are farm names, may change in Western Finland. Here is an example of HisKi: go to HisKi: and further go to the search and choose Alavieska. Then put Lisa in the First name and Aron in the Patronymic, Submit, and you will find out more about Lisa Aron's d, moving in with son Matts (18)30 after marriage and so on.

Some words listed to help a researcher, in FInnish, Swedish and English, too: (sanastot=vocabulary).

Tuula K

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