How To Update Pyhäjoki Parish Record?

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How To Update Pyhäjoki Parish Record?

Viesti Kirjoittaja Ashland » 23.09.2020 19:12

Back in 1990, we got an official Pyhäjoki parish record on my Great Grandfather and his birth family. His name was Matti Thomaesson Wäärälä Kantola (b. 27 Feb 1873). You can see part of his family here. ... 4&pnum=784

The parish record stated that Matti had moved to America in 1892 (true) and died in 1964 (false) without a wife or heirs (also false). 1964 is one of those years where they "cleaned up" parish records, and declared people dead because they had no further information on them. Apparently Matti never notified his home parish of his marriage or his 15 children. But I'd like to do that now. Is that possible? I don't speak Finnish or Swedish, only English. I'm also not sure if the parish even accepts info like this. I realize they probably can't add it to the original parish record. Maybe they'd just add a note somewhere, and my info would be kept in a separate file. It wouldn't affect inheritance or anything like that; it'd just be for genealogical use.

This is the church I'd need to contact, correct? Text is in Finnish.

And in English.

Cheers and thank you! :D

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Re: How To Update Pyhäjoki Parish Record?

Viesti Kirjoittaja tuulacu » 28.09.2020 12:19

It is difficult to say what a parish would do with a correction like this. As the information is useful only for a genealogist, it would probably end up in a file somewhere.

Finnish parishes have less members and money, fewer office clerks. There are official tasks enough, and we genealogists pester them with our needs. Some of the parishes have kept a good standard in helping us, some not.

If you want to take the trouble, try to add a letter in Finnish, if possible.

Tuula K

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