Searching for Johan Rosenlind

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Searching for Johan Rosenlind

Viesti Kirjoittaja Tomas_S » 16.01.2020 23:30

For many years I have been searching for the ancestors and origin of Johan Rosenlind (born approximately 1765 - dead 24/04/1816 by age 50,5 – 51 years; though one source, the wedding book 1799, states age 37, thus indicating that he may have been born 1762; but no exact date of birth).

He appears in various registers in Stockholm from 1794, but prior to that year there is not a single trace of his origin – no parents, no place of birth, nothing – neither in Stockholm, nor in any other Swedish parish. Especially, the absent and ambiguous information about his age is remarkable.

He is very successful and soon becomes alderman of the saddler’s guild in Stockholm. He buys properties in the most fashionable areas, participates in the upper society and marries Anna Faust, daughter of a famous silversmith. Therefore, it is strange that such a successful person has an unidentified origin.

Over the years I have found clues indicating that he may be born in Finland. The clues are:
  • His son, Johan Melker Rosenlind (b1800), registered himself in the non-territorial Finnish parish (of Stockholm) in 1842. A requirement to be registered in that parish is that you have at least one parent from Finland. (Johan’s wife was born in Sweden).
  • 20/08/1803 there is an advertisement in Åbo newspaper for leather products from Engelsta tannery, where Johan Rosenlind certifies the quality. Thus, he had some business connections in Finland.
As he seems to have been a rather rich person it is a reason to believe that his parents also were rich. Therefore, one idea is that his mother was of the noble family Rosenlindt, but as the noble surname cannot be taken from a mother instead he changed to Rosenlind.

Other possibilities of surnames that he could have hade are: Roslind, Rosling, Rosselin or Roselin. But these are only guessing of similar names. He could also have been born with a common -son-name and later taken Rosenlind as a soldier name.

Johan Rosenlind’s children were: Johan Melker, Olof Anders, Bothilda Charlotta, Fredric, Maria Catharina, Anna Fredrika and Carolina Wilhelmina. Commonly, children are given the first name of ancestors. Therefore, I list them here.

I would appreciate if somebody who knows more about genealogy in Finland could help me doing some searches for Johan Rosenlind or persons with his first name, age and who were saddlers.

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Re: Searching for Johan Rosenlind

Viesti Kirjoittaja Kimpula » 20.01.2020 09:23

If Johan Rosenlind was living in Turku/Åbo he should be in parish records

More sources

Sources are in Swedish...

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Re: Searching for Johan Rosenlind

Viesti Kirjoittaja tuulacu » 25.01.2020 09:33

You can see the variations of surnames and also limit your search into certain towns by HisKi
but bear in mind that not ALL births, marriages and deaths are in HisKi for various reasons (many churches burned with their books, some conregations are not fully done) and mostly reach only 1850. But you get an idea. (And there are mistakes, too, as these records were rewritten some times.)

If the family members have studied in universities, you can find some information here

Tuula K

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