Eva Kähkönen death date

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Eva Kähkönen death date

Viesti Kirjoittaja Katie » 15.03.2018 22:15

http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_e ... 9&pnum=559
The above link shows the communion entry for Japhet Kähkönen (1846-1907) his wife Eva (Leinonen) Kähkönen (1844-?). It also shows their 5 children who all emigrated to America between 1899 and 1908, with Antti, the youngest, emigrating in 1908. Japhet died 13 Apr 1907 Paltamo and come the following 04 Apr 1908 Antti left the country. Eva did not go with him, I do not see her in any Census records or emigration records. Being 63 when her husband died I can see that she would remain in Finland. I checked the Moving records in the FFHA original documents for Paltamo which is where they had and raised all their children. I find no moving records for members of this family from 1900-1913.
I am interested in EVA only! I checked death records in FFHA original documents for Paltamo through 1913 did not find her under the Kähkönen or her maiden name Leinonen. Are there any Paltamo census records that show her living around 1920? That would put her age 76.
Thank You
Janice Horton

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Re: Eva Kähkönen death date

Viesti Kirjoittaja ajattiojriK » 18.09.2022 17:31

Eeva Kähkönen alive in Paltamo Uura 20

paltamo uura 20
lois leski eeva kähkönen 44 yli

https://digihakemisto.net/item/16437913 ... 560321/195
kähkönen eeva leski 44 yli

kähkönen eeva leski 44 yli

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Re: Eva Kähkönen death date

Viesti Kirjoittaja LenaA » 19.09.2022 00:55

There seems to be wrong data in the census records because according to the following link Ewa died october 13th 1914.

http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_e ... 1&pnum=445

Perhaps the census writer just copied previous records because Ewa didn't have to pay any taxes.

Lena A

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