Väinö Henrik Hekkala parents

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Väinö Henrik Hekkala parents

Viesti Kirjoittaja AnuleibungR » 30.03.2023 13:40

I am trying to find out who the parents to my great-grandfather is. His name is Väinö Henrik Hekkala and he was born 16.05.1912. I am not shure where he was born, but his wife where from Pudasjärvi. I also suspect that he has a brother called Johu Vilho, born 28.08.1908. They are both possibly born in the Oulu or the surrounding region, or in the surrounding regions to Pudasjärvi.

Thank you,
Ole Jakob

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Re: Väinö Henrik Hekkala parents

Viesti Kirjoittaja tuulacu » 30.03.2023 18:45

There is a Väinö Henrikki Hekkala in the Kela-cards (which were used for social service purposes once) but he was born on 16.3.1912
https://astia.narc.fi/uusiastia/viewer/ ... 1051810570
so maybe it is the same person with 3 and 5 mixed up? He was born according to this card in Oulujoki, and lived in Oulunsalo. Bot are near Oulu as you can guess. 15.12.1956 is his death date in the card.

The church books of Oulujoki are not yet in the net, not even the books of members' side of SSHY - and we have also the 100 years of secretess.
Do contact the central church office of Oulu area https://www.oulunseurakunnat.fi/aluekeskusrekisteri and ask for a paper there, it costs some - and takes time, too, sometimes.

Tuula K

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Re: Väinö Henrik Hekkala parents

Viesti Kirjoittaja p mattila » 07.11.2023 16:36

Hello, I have quite a long list of Väinö Henrik Hekkala's grandparents and great-grandparents. I also have DNA -sample from Väinö Hekkala's direct paternal line according to records. Pirkko

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